Available: factsheet ‘New storage technology for potatoes'


Longer storage life, maximum of 3% dehydration and lower energy costs

As a potato grower or trader, you want to be able to store your potatoes as efficiently as possible. With minimal dehydration, weight loss and loss of quality. But how can you do that?

The outside air that is now often used for drying and storage offers very little perspective. ENGIE Refrigeration – formerly known as Zephyr, GTI and Cofely – has now come up with the ultimate solution to this problem. 

Thanks to research conducted by Aeres University of Applied Sciences in Dronten, ENGIE can now offer you a completely new and innovative way of storing potatoes. During each product phase – drying, healing, cooling, storing and heating – the system selects the optimal storage programme with the right level of humidity and temperature. This means that the farmer and not the outside air will determine and control the quality of the product.

The factsheet describes how you can use the new advances in storage technology to find the right balance between storage and quality, energy consumption and sustainability. And how you can achieve less than 3% dehydration. The concrete and inspirational practical examples and results of research into the best storage conditions demonstrate the added value of this new and innovative way of storing potatoes.

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