Dairy & cheese

Uniform and controlled drying is important for the maturation process

Every cheesemaker is looking for the perfect air conditioning solution for its products. The air conditioning system that we have developed will help you to supply the top-quality cheese that gives you your distinctive position on the market.

Innovative technology

The secret of our air conditioning system is the way it uniformly channels air over your cheese during the maturation process. This dries the cheese uniformly and in a controlled way. Our air conditioning system is based on a system of pipes that we design specially for your cheese storage system. The pipes contain jet nozzles with tapered sides. This new technology has been thoroughly tested in our test facilities and is now proving its effectiveness on a daily basis. We use a condensation measurement system to check the amount of fluid that is extracted from the cheese.


Our use of green refrigerants is also helping to achieve sustainable production. Our refrigeration systems run on natural and environmentally-friendly refrigerants, such as ammonia, CO2 and propane. 

When you invest in energy-efficient refrigeration, you become eligible for tax benefits such as the Energy Investment Deduction (Energie Investeringsaftrek = EIA). Needless to say, we would be happy to help you explore all the possible options.

Ready for the future

The use of natural refrigerants is good preparation for the future. This is because from 2022 onward no new refrigeration systems that use synthetic refrigerants with a global warming potential (GWP) of more than 150 may be constructed. In response to this development, ENGIE Refrigeration is constantly conducting intensive research into suitable and safe uses of natural refrigerants in both small and large refrigeration systems.