Oil, gas & chemicals

Safe refrigeration and maximum compatibility with your production process

Industrial refrigeration is a crucial link in the extraction, transport, storage and processing of LNG, LPG, ethylene and other gases. It is equally indispensable for processes such as reliquefaction, dehydration and vapour recovery. Refrigeration is also vitally important for the safe handling of gases. Vital processes in gas processing may only be carried out when they comply with all the safety and environmental standards and guidelines. These vary from instructions issued by the local fire department to the international ATEX guideline. 

Maximum compatibility with your process

We help companies with gas extraction and gas transport and with the petrochemicals required for refrigeration systems that guarantee an unbroken production process. The refrigeration is fully geared to the specific product and the way that product is processed. For new construction projects, servicing and maintenance, our top priority is to achieve compatibility with your existing production process in compliance with the statutory regulations. When installing new refrigeration systems, we make sure they blend in with every aspect of your production system. Moreover, any production stoppages that are necessary to enable us to work on the refrigeration systems are kept to a minimum. That means that more than 99 percent of your production capacity is always available.

Technology in line with the latest standards

From the perspective of safety, environment and quality, we work only with the best components that meet all the requisite standards. Our working method and products comply with all international safety guidelines, such as ATEX, UL and IECEx. We possess all the necessary safety and quality certificates, such as CE PED H1.

Phasing out synthetic refrigerants

We follow the statutory environmental guidelines at all times. For example, we keep track of all developments related to phasing out synthetic refrigerants. With natural refrigerants such as CO2, propane and ammonia, not only does your refrigeration system perform better but you also consume less energy. In this way, you are helping to make the production chain more sustainable. 

We would be happy to show you how we can help you improve refrigeration in your production process and make your production process more effective, more economical and cleaner.