High-quality technology for high-quality research

Almost all the climatological conditions required to enhance, test and store seeds can be simulated in our climate chambers. ENGIE combines a broad range of possible applications with very low tolerances, great stability and high reliability.

Low tolerances

For example, we can simulate a natural day and night rhythm without any major fluctuations in temperature, light and relative humidity. Furthermore, the control of air speeds produces an optimal air flow rate. Oxygen and CO2 become available in precise amounts so that researchers can carefully control photosynthesis and the processing of assimilation, for example. 

Reproducible research

The trials that we conduct in our climate chambers are 100 percent reproducible. We not only test all the specifications in advance, such as the temperature, humidity, CO2 management, light intensity, air movement and irrigation − we also validate our climate chambers together with clients.

High-quality technology

We design climate chambers in close cooperation with our clients. To fully meet all the relevant requirements, we always select the best components, technology and materials. For example, when automating climate chambers we use a recognised and reliable industrial open source platform. This platform can easily be linked to other ICT systems in your company.