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Mechanical storage other products

  • Mechanical cooling instead of drying out
  • Storing carrot: don’t lose a kilo
  • Storing potatoes: maximum 3% dehydration
  • Dry onions twice as fast
  • Also for growing, for example, mushrooms and chicory

What is mechanical cooling?

Mechanical cooling is the answer to the demand for longer and better storage of agro products such as carrots, onions, potatoes, and leeks. The quality of apples, pears, and soft fruit is also better preserved. With mechanical storage you are no longer dependent on the weather conditions, so the storage conditions are always optimal for your product. The quality is maintained and due to the longer storage time, you can better respond to price developments in the market.

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“This results in an optimal return.”
- Sander Tacken, directeur
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Stable conditions due to mechanical cooling

With traditional ventilation technology, effective cooling is not always possible because you depend on the outside air conditions. It is often too hot or too humid outside to cool your product properly. Outside air that is too dry also has its disadvantages, because it causes too much dehydration of your product. This dependence on weather conditions can be disastrous for your business operations. Due to this uncertainty and fluctuations in storage conditions, you may have to bring your products to market early, even if the price is not optimal.

Mechanical cooling for increased storage time

Mechanical cooling makes the process of drying, cooling, and storage more efficient and reduces the excessive dehydration of your product. Our specialists make sure that mechanical cooling technology is completely tailored to your product. The system adjusts when conditions such as temperature and humidity change. With this type of product storage, you do no longer depend on the outside temperature. Mechanical cooling continuously ensures the right conditions and maintains a high quality of your product.

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Do you want to know more about the innovative storage technology for potatoes?

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Dry and store onions twice as fast, without being dependent on outside air?

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Solution for the ban on chlorpropham

Growers looking for a solution to the ban on the chemical sprout inhibitor chlorpropham will find the necessary alternative in mechanical cooling. Not the sprout inhibitor, but the stable storage conditions keep potatoes calm so that less is needed of the often more expensive organic sprout inhibitors. Also, the closed storage environment ensures that the sprout inhibitor is not wasted, which would be the case if the storage room is ventilated with the outside air.

Which product do you want to keep for longer?

We build tailor-made mechanical cooling concepts that allow you to store your products for longer without losing quality. We don’t only do this for potatoes and onions, but also for arable products such as carrots, cabbage, chicory, mushrooms, leeks, apples, pears, and soft fruit.

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Mechanical storage other products & Condensation drying for onions and potatoes

Condensation drying is a new way of storing onions, bulbs and other agricultural products. With this solution you can dry onions twice as fast! Independent from the outside air, sustainable and with quality preservation.

Everything about Condensation drying for onions and potatoes

Mechanical storage other products & Mechanical storage potatoes

Mechanical cooling is an excellent method for storing potatoes. With this, you always ensure a stable temperature and humidity during storage, which benefits the quality of your product. The potato germinates slower and retains its size and weight.

Everything about Mechanical storage potatoes

Save with mechanical cooling

Mechanical cooling and the use of natural refrigerants, such as ammonia, CO2 and propane, make it possible to save considerably on energy costs. Many agricultural companies have already seen their energy consumption decrease through the use of natural refrigerants. These refrigerants are environmentally friendly, so you also contribute to sustainable production in the agricultural chain which is becoming increasingly important for the buyers of your product.

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Interesting fiscal benefits of sustainable mechanical cooling

From 2022, no new cooling installations may be built with synthetic refrigerants. Our research department continuously conducts intensive research for suitable and safe applications of natural refrigerants in both small and large installations. The safe use of natural refrigerants requires a lot of technical knowledge and experience.

By investing in a storage cooling with natural refrigerants, companies are eligible for the Energy Investment Allowance (EIA). This is highly beneficial for you as an agricultural entrepreneur. We are happy to assist exploring these opportunities for you.

Financing options

If you are interested in our solution but are currently unable to invest in sustainable technology, then ENGIE will help you. In addition to design and realization, ENGIE can also help you finance and operate it. This way, you will immediately benefit from lower energy costs and sustainable entrepreneurship. Explore the options.

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