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Even and controlled cheese ripening in Moscow

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From 19-22 February the ‘Dairy and Meat Industry’ event takes place in Moscow.

The international exhibition of equipment and technologies for livestock farming, dairy and meat production.

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Together with DERO GROUP and Antagro, ENGIE attends this fair. With the brands ELTEN and BOSGRAAF, DERO GROUP delivers innovative solutions for the automation of the handling and treatment of cheese. The Antagro equipment can be used for storage and processes as well as the packaging of dairy products. Completed with innovative ripening technology of ENGIE, we present solutions for the complete production of cheese. 

ENGIE’s innovative ripening technology. What is it?

  • Durable cooling system with a balanced air distribution system
  • Provides a grip on temperature, humidity and air speed  
  • Ensures equal air distribution in the cheese warehouse thanks to a well-thought-out pipe system:
    • Conditioned air supply on every shelf. 
    • Fresh air flows around every cheese.

How do you benefit of ENGIE’s innovative ripening technology?

  • Ensures even and controlled drying. 
  • Less moisture and weight loss, so more kilos to sell. 
  • Maintaining the product quality.
  • Energy-efficient.


Interested in ENGIE’s vision on cheese ripening? Order the free information brochure ‘Innovative cheese ripening’ which will be available soon.