Storing potatoes: how do I extend the storage time with good refrigeration?

Energy-efficient potato storage while preserving the quality

For potato growers, it is essential that the quality of the potatoes is preserved during storage. The longer you preserve the quality of the potatoes, the more room for manoeuvre you have to sell them exactly at the right time. And that means that you can maximise your profits. Mechanical refrigeration is an excellent way of storing potatoes with the longest shelf life and no loss of quality. 

Storing potatoes with optimal refrigeration of the product
With mechanical refrigeration, the refrigeration method is specifically designed for your product. For a number of our clients, we have already built many mechanical refrigeration systems for the storage of carrots, mushrooms and potatoes, amongst others. Thanks to the specific design of the system and the very accurate fine-tuning of both the temperature and the air humidity, we were able to almost fully preserve the product quality for our clients for a much longer period than with traditional ventilation systems. The controls can be used to regulate the system so that it automatically adapts to the characteristics of your product. Because the space is completely sealed, ambient factors no longer have any effect. 

Stable temperature and air humidity for potato storage
With mechanical refrigeration, you always have a stable temperature and air humidity when storing potatoes, and this has a positive effect on the quality of your product. The reason for this is that the potatoes germinate less quickly and so maintain their size and weight. In addition, the potatoes age as little as possible. This is because fewer sugars now form in the potatoes. As a result, less post-processing is required and this in turn leads to lower energy consumption and therefore cleaner production. 

Sustainable storage of potatoes
The way in which potatoes are stored and cultivated is becoming increasingly important. More and more manufacturers of French fries and fast-food chains are being held accountable for the way their suppliers set up their production processes and how they work with raw materials. So potato growers are now expected to produce their crops more sustainably and energy-efficiently. For example, by replacing synthetic refrigerants with sustainable refrigerants. Sustainable refrigerants are environmentally-friendly and often more energy-efficient without affecting the cooling capacity. 

Storing potatoes and improving quality in an energy-efficient way?
Our client Novifarm opted for a sustainable refrigeration system that runs on natural refrigerants; the system has improved the quality of the potatoes thanks to significantly reduced dehydration and it continues to produce potatoes in a much more energy-efficient way. You too can save money and improve the quality of your potatoes at the same time. Would you like to find out more about the sustainable and energy-efficient storage of potatoes for as long as possible? We would be delighted to tell you all about it. 

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