Stop using R404 and R505 now!


Four leading European trade associations from different sectors have asked contractors and installers to stop building new installations with the high GWP refrigerants R404A and R507A.

Despite enormous price increases of up to 700% and serious deficits of these refrigerants, new installations and equipment are still being supplied with these synthetic refrigerants.

In an urgent call, the organisations send a clear message to companies in Europe:

“If you want to stay in the business, you must stop installing R404A / R507A now!”

If the use of HFCs with high GWP values will not decrease very quickly, the availability of HFCs with lower GWP values (including mixtures with HFCs) will also decrease, according to the industry associations. In Europe, we are already receiving the first signals of the limited availability of low GWP refrigerants such as R410A and R134A.

The trade associations’ advice is:

  • Stop using R404A / R507A in new equipment.
  • Adjust existing R404A / R507A equipment to lower GWP refrigerants when systems are prone to leaks and/or other malfunctions.
  • Reduce leaks.
  • Reduce the amount of refrigerant per system as much as possible.

You can find more information about this call, the importance of action, the risks if we do nothing, and the natural alternatives in the brochure.

Do you have any questions about phasing out synthetic refrigerations in your organisation? Please check or contact Gert Jan Knippenberg.

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